I used to have a Mo-hawk and an eyebrow ring. Now I express my individuality by wearing humorous T-shirts.

If you've seen me wearing a funny t-shirt and wondered where I got it, there's a chance that I designed it myself. If you want to get your own shirt or even stickers, mugs, or other random junk stuff, then you can order it from RedBubble. I take no responsibility for anything for except creating these abominations hilarious designs.

Things that you can buy

Image of Powercycle Solutioneering

Powercycle Solutioneering

Sometimes the fastest way to get something working is to make it stop first.
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Image of Agile Development

Agile Development

We all know that this is how the lifecycle really goes
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Image of //TODO


I'll get to it later. Maybe. Not now, though.
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Image of Weeks of work (v2)

Weeks of work (v2)

Who needs to plan things? You can always make another version later! This one will be streamlined, and clean! So what if we blew the budget, we’re making things happen!
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Image of Weeks of work

Weeks of work

Planning is hard. It’s so much better to wing it, and fix things as they crop up. I mean what’s a couple of weeks extra on the budget after all?
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Image of My brain has too many tabs open

My brain has too many tabs open

Sometimes there’s just too much going on. It can be hard to keep it all in memory. Sometimes you need to put it all down, and get out of the office.
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Image of Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Take a break, and have a coffee. You’ve earned it.
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Image of The means of Production

The means of Production

Sure the PHP hammer may look weird, and sure it might not work how you expect it to, but like any good open source project it’s been built by the few who can for the many who need. If you need to ship it to production fast, PHP and MySQL are the means.
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Samuel Levy is a software architect, developer and consultant.

He owns and operates Determined Development, a small web development and consulting company operating out of Brisbane, Australia.

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